In the pursuit of improving diagnostic testing

Despite advances in detection and treatment, infectious disease remains a major challenge for healthcare providers worldwide. Among the most common infections recorded each year, there are more than 400 million cases of urinary tract infections (UTIs) leading to several hundred thousand deaths, and more than 1 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) per day. Of the 11 million deaths from sepsis, 31% start from urinary tract infections.

Minimum time from the first symptoms to a correct diagnosis and treatment is critical for saving lives.

We at Medix are dedicated to protecting lives by improving diagnostic testing. That’s why we exist.


Accuracy and efficiency for laboratories with Medix technologies

Currently available methods for detecting infectious disease comprise a complex series of time-consuming, multi-step processes. For example, processing a UTI culture can take more than two days, while the patient might need a prescribed treatment in just a couple of hours. Disappointingly, these methods yield results that are sometimes ambiguous or outright false, hence leading to potentially misdirected treatment options.

We tackle this challenge by combining hypersensitive biotechnologies with process innovations that make fast and accurate pathogen detection available to diagnostic laboratories worldwide.

Our Hypersens™ pathogen detection kits deploy the RT-PCR testing method that is considerably faster than culture testing and offers a comprehensive and more accurate detection of multiple pathogens from a single sample.

Hypersens™ kits deliver greater efficiencies to laboratories in terms of higher detection accuracy, customizable assay design, and shorter processing time through multiplexing and an internal control per well.

Pathogen Detection Technology


Hypersensitive detection

Medix Master Mix is designed for hypersensitive detection of pathogens. Higher sensitivity and higher specificity than other mixes.

Multiplexed testing

Detection of up to three pathogens or antibiotic-resistance genes per well. 3 times faster than singleplexed testing.

Internal control

Built into all Medix test panels. No separate internal control tests needed.

Customizable tests

Laboratories can customize pathogen and/or antibiotic-resistance gene detection on a per-well granularity.

Agnostic to testing equipment

Medix panels can be used with RT-PCR equipment without any special calibration.

Partnership Programs

Medix Biotechnologies is partnering with diagnostic laboratories, OEMs and ODMs worldwide for research collaboration, co-development, quality assurance, technology licensing, and distribution.